Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Details

I had a few questions asking for some specifics on the 3 weeks on 1 week off training method I'm using.
This works well for my running/hiking, biking and for the paddleboard.
I use three perspectives to measure my progress. Time , distance and intensity.
Early in my training for this adventure I was just concerned in putting in time. I ran on the beach, biked around my neighborhood and paddled near where I work. I think I started six months out with 8 hours of exercise a week, so the first cycle of four weeks was 8 hours, 9 hours, 10 hours and then a rest week where I still exercise but less and with less intensity. The next cycle started at 9 hours then 10 and 11 then a rest week.
After a few weeks I start shifting over to focusing on Distance. Running 3, 4, and 5 miles mostly trails and sand. The run I'm doing around Kaena Point is a very rocky trail so I don't train much now on the street. Same with the Bike, 12,14, 16 miles and a rest week. 14, 16, 18, and rest.
Now that I'm approaching 3 months out I'm really focusing on intensity. I'm still increasing my time spent exercising and the distances are increasing but now I'm watching my heart rate more closely. Last Monday I paddled about 19 miles but really took it easy, heart rate around 120. It was really quite easy. It's good to know I can do the distances of this adventure now at that easy speed/intensity. But it's not race speed. I have three months to work on going faster.
Sprints, it's good to work in that absolute heart rate zone at least once a week. I do it several times a week. (heart rate zones and calculator) . Back around December I started with the sand sprints. Twenty the first time. The next week 25, then 30. Got to 50 - 50 yard sprints on soft sand. Then backed it down to 30 to work more on speed and reaching the max heart rate. I do sprints too up the steps at the Koko Crater Trail. One hundred steps as fast as I can, rest for 20 seconds then another hundred . . . Try it, it's good for your heart.
Do I follow this plan exactly? No, there are too many variables in my life in general and in training for this adventure in September. But I do stay pretty close.
Basically I work my way up this ladder slowly, no big jumps in time, distance or intensity. And I always rest when I should. Even if it is tough to do, which it mostly is.
Currently I'm injury free and plan to stay that way.

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