Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Back

Its been a while since my last post and I've gotten many emails and phone calls asking "whats up Koz?" Many wanted to know if I gave up on the around Oahu adventure.

I've had a few challenges recently. Relationship stuff. Didn't I say at the start of this blog that I had as many if not more challenges than most? Its not always so easy to focus on training.

There were mornings when I should have been training but instead sat around feeling sorry for myself. It started to get old after a week or so and I knew I really needed to find something to keep me busy. HEY, I ALREADY HAVE JUST THE THING!

So I'm back. Yes, I'm still doing this. Yeah, I know, its going to be tougher being so emotionally drained and distracted but I said I'd do it so I will. I also do love the adventure and perhaps it will help heal things in me. Funny though, many thought I was insane for trying this and now it seems I'm doing it to keep my sanity.

It certainly does add to the drama of it all. And just remember that the real heroes in the upcoming Olympics and in the war in Iraq and in homes every day are the ones who do what needs to get done despite a background of pain and loss and sadness. I'm not there yet but I hope this adventure will be a first step in getting that lesson right.

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