Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Short Version of a Long Story

Here's a review for those who are just logging in for the first time.
About six months ago I started this website and blog to talk about health and fitness. I was, and still am, frustrated with what passes for health and fitness advice these days so I wanted to start a discussion with those who live a healthy and very fit lifestyle.
Its been harder than I thought getting my peers to participate in writing on this blog but I'm making some progress and will continue to expand this conversation.
Inspired by a friend who swam from the west side of Molokai to Sandy Beach on Oahu (30 miles) I needed a challenge of my own to help me demonstrate health and fitness and not just write about it.
I have a varied workout schedule that includes running, biking, swimming, surfing and lots of time on my paddleboard.
I eat food and stay away from processed food products. I don't eat any of those energy bars or powders and I especially don't like those sports energy drinks. I never take any vitamin or mineral supplements. Most of my athlete friends who are past 40, (I'm 48) live this way too.
So I've been blogging about my training and my diet and now its time for a demonstration.

Thursday Sept. 4th at 8am I'm starting from the Makai Pier in Waimanalo on my paddleboard and will paddle to Ala Moana Beach Park. That's about 25 miles.
Friday Sept. 5th at 8am I'll continue from Ala Moana Beach Park and paddle to Ko'Olina. Another 25 miles.
Saturday Sept. 6th at 8am I'll continue from Ko'Olina and ride my bike up the west side to the end of the paved road, run around Kaena Point, pick up the bike on the other side and continue across the North Shore and down the east side to Kahana Bay. 70 miles.
Sunday Sept. 7th at 8am I'll continue from Kahana Bay with my paddleboard and paddle down the east side back to the Makai Pier where I started.

When I'm done you'll get the straight honest story with all the dramatic details, You'll see my GPS track plotted on Google Earth maps and see photos and video of my ambitious adventure around this piece of paradise.

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