Monday, January 5, 2009

63 Marathons

One of the biggest challenges of my job with this website is to get the many people I know who have lots of good info and many inspiring stories to tell to actually site down at a computer and write. I've been working on Rob for about six months now. If you look at this website and see only fit athletes doing easily what you can't then you are missing the point. All of us face challenges and sometimes bad things happen. A healthy, active outdoor lifestyle will help in so many ways, the most important may well be the improved mood and more optimistic attitude this lifestyle often inspires. Welcome aboard Rob and thank you for the inspiration.- Koz


2008 was a Bad year for Running and for Life. In April I did my 62ND marathon in Oklahoma City - the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon. It was a great marathon but sad to see all the chairs for all the people who died in the Bombing. It rained, was very windy and too cold for me being
from Hawaii. But at mile 23 the sun came out and it got warm. At the start of the race I met a friend from Hawaii,Tom Knoll. He's a Big time marathoner, he was running across the U.S. again. This time he was running with his son. I'm in my fifties and just trying to finish another marathon and Tom is in his SEVENTIES and running Across the USA! How AWESOME is HE???!!!!

When I got back to Hawaii I lost my job of 8yrs. My wife lost her job, too. Things didn't look too good but I thought I still have my Running and my Friends. Then for both emotional and physical reasons, my ability to run and swim drastically decreased.

In June I usually run the Kona Marathon, but I didn't train so I had to miss it and ALL my Running Friends. People were telling me,"Rob, it's a part of your life." Not running was making my life harder.

I put on weight, which I never have done in the past.

When I thought things couldn't get worse, my wife had a stroke.....Luckily it wasn't a bad one. She has recovered and is moving right along. But I guess they say, once you hit bottom the only way is UP!! So with the help of Friends and Family, I turned things around. A Special Thanks to Jeff (Koz) . He helped me a lot with just talking and support.

Well, I got a new job in Oct. and I do a lot of walking at work, now doing Inventory. I started to lose weight and I'm feeling better. In December I did my 63rd marathon - the Honolulu marathon. It rained but I did great,15 minutes faster than the Oklahoma marathon. Now I'm back on track. I have registered for the Kona Marathon in June. Number 64. So with the help of GOOD Friends,Family and GOD, DON'T EVER give up. Things may get harder but you can do it!! Until next time keep running!!!

Running Rob


Koz said...

Can we get a list of those 63 marathons?

Anonymous said...

I've done the Honolulu Marathon 11 times through several job losses and a divorce. Yeah, Never give up!!!

Anonymous said...

Swimming at the pool saved my life when I was going through a very painful divorce. I would swim and swim and swim till I was too tired to care. When I wasn't crying I actually felt great for all the exercise. Keep it up Rob and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Considering that in High School you were diagnosed with Synovitis and couldn't run, for fear of loosing the use of your legs, for 2 years, you are amazing! In that time you could only walk. You had to sit and watch your friends in Track and Cross Country from the bleachers. Well you kick ass now lil bro!!! Always loved you, always will. (Except for that summer in Ohio in 1965.)