Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More From Running Rob

To most marathon runners Boston Marathon is the race to run, or whatever reason. For the elite it's the money or fame. Others just want to say I ran BOSTON and did it with the best in the world. For some, getting into Boston isn't as hard as for others because they are faster and their training is good. Then there are people who run a marathon and end up qualifying for Boston. For me,I couldn't make my time for Boston. Ever since I started running marathons,my dream was to go to Boston ,a dream held by so many other people. I would ask other runners at marathons if they knew anybody who could get me into Boston. I didn't care who I asked, I just wanted to run Boston. And I wanted to run it officially and get a medal. The 100th Boston Marathon was in 1996,and it was opened up to a lottery for the first time. I sent in my $50,but I didn't get picked. I kept the returned check, thinking this might be the closest I get to Boston. So then I'm back again asking people if they know anybody who can get me into Boston. I would love to get in by my time,but I'm just not fast enough. However,having run over 50 marathons, I felt I had paid some kind of dues. Then,in the early 2000s,Boston was opened to 20 charities. Good,I thought, now I have another chance to get in. I signed up for all of the charities I could. Some you have to live in BOSTON,but most you don't.Then I started getting letters and e-mails saying I didn't make their charity. It seemed that if you didn't tell them that you would get a lot of money donated they would pick someone who would. But you only were told you had to have $3500 in contributions so it doesn't seem right to hold out for more. Again,it didn't look good for Boston, but I wasn't going to give up.At the Honolulu Marathon I had met a great runner who I've talked to through the years.He's now a good friend Bill Rogers. I told him about trying to get to Boston through charities and the problems I was having. He told me about one charity in particular. I called them the next year and they were great,telling me what to do and how to raise the money. They made me feel that now my dream was going to come true.I was sure I could get the necessary donations from friends and family because they all knew about my dream of running the Boston Marathon. Soon I was all set to run the 2006 Boston MARATHON but unfortunately on Dec.31,2005 my father passed away. I had to go clean out his house,which took months. I was so drained physically and mentally that I decided I would have to go to the Marathon another time. I had been so close,but things happen that you have no control over. I miss my Dad,and he would have been so happy knowing I ran BOSTON. At the end of the year my life was getting together and I wanted to try again for Boston. I got in touch with the charity,hoping that maybe this time it would happen. I raised the money thanks to my family and friends. Off to BOSTON I go, my dream come true. At the Expo I talked to BILL ROGERS and my wife and I gave him a care package from our home of Hawaii .What a shock in Boston as a NORTHEASTER swept in just in time for the marathon. Rain,wind,cold. For me,anything below 70 degrees I'm cold. But I succeeded in the Marathon, one of 48 finishers from Hawaii out of 50. At mile 20 I came upon a woman racer named Debbie from Boston who I had met at the KONA MARATHON. We were happy to see each other and we ran the last six miles together.At the finish my wife and daughter didn't recognize me because I had on a net hat, sweatpants and a long-sleeve shirt,which I never wear but with the storm I was freezing. It took me more than an hour to find my family but I didn't care. I had just accomplished my dream; running the BOSTON MARATHON.



Anonymous said...

Keep running Rob. You are an inspiration.

Nate said...

Good job Uncle Rob!

Nate D.