Monday, July 20, 2009

I have been taking a break from blogging to catch up on everything else in my life. Home improvement being high on the list. Was happy to get lots of email letting me know my posts were missed.
Well. I'm back, I missed it too.
Lots of email questions piling up. I'll run through them quickly.
What next? was one of the most often asked. I am thinking about a paddleboard trip to Kauai. But its not next. I will be turning 50 next year so I'm thinking about a 50 mile paddle - Kailua to Ko'Olina. Maybe Kauai after that.
Any new thoughts on diet after this past adventure? No. I eat food not food products and I drink water. I have been asked about the sponsors for my site. I wore Haber Sunglasses long before they were a sponsor. They are in the same league as Oakley and Maui Jim but better I think. They only sell online and keep the prices way down - less than half of the competitions price.
Pre paid legal services? From a guy who was sued a while back and has spent his time memorizing all the lawyer jokes since, why would I be involved with this kind of business? First, do you know how many lawyer jokes there are? Just a few - the rest are true stories. I became a customer because for less than a cup of coffee a day I now have a legal services plan that helps in most of the legal situations I'm likely to get involved in. If I would have had this plan before I would have saved over $20,000 dollars. Check out the ad on the right.
I getting a lot of photos from friends and will be posting those soon (check out Matt's photo above). I'll also be taking photos of the Molokai paddleboard race. Check back for more.

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