Thursday, October 1, 2009


Have been busy lately and haven't posted for a while. As of this post I'm back to at least twice weekly. As usual what really pulls me back is the email I get. Keep it coming!
I have been asked a lot about what parts of my last adventure (running from Magic Island, across town, over the Pali to Kailua Beach (14 miles) and then back to Magic Island on my paddle board (28 miles) stand out now that a few months have past. The full moon setting as we drove into the Magic Island parking lot before dawn was a magical way to start. The heat as I was running up Ward Ave. worried me then turned into perfect cool running weather up the Pali. I'll never forget telling my support crew that yes, they had time to stop for a quick breakfast then arriving before them to Kailua Beach way ahead of schedule. It took almost twice as long as I thought to get to the Makai Pier - uh oh. The paddle around Makapuu was intense. I knew if I were to pull off this race against the setting sun I had to be at Hanauma Bay before 3:30. I got there at exactly 3:30. I knew I would pull it off before sunset when I passed the Diamond head Buoy - I was stoked. Arrived one half hour before sunset to some cheering friends but no support crew. They were still looking for me at the Diamond Head lookout.
Whats next? This coming winter spring I want to do do a few really long paddles. First on the list is Kailua to Ko'olina, a little less than 50 miles. I'm calling it 48. After that one of two 60 mile plus adventures. Either Haliewa to Hawaii Kai or Molokai to Ko'Olina. I measured them both on Google Earth and they both measure 62 miles. Both will be non stop.
If I can do those two I think Kauai is on the list or maybe . . .?

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