Monday, November 16, 2009

Adventure Based Fitness Training

Lots of people have been asking me about my "adventure based fitness training" so I thought I'd take some time and explain my perspective.

People go to a personal trainer for a variety of reasons. For most its either to loose weight, to look better physically, to get stronger and fitter and to learn something about leading a more healthy lifestyle and the physical and emotional benefits that result.

All of these are good sound reasons but most people have a very difficult time following through on them.

I put a lot of thought into a better approach and eventually realized that what I do for me will be great for all my clients.

I pick an adventure type goal (like my last one: running from Magic Island over the mountains to Kailua Beach and then going back on my paddleboard.) and then outline a training program to get me in peak shape for my adventure. That works! If all I focused on was the goal of being "in shape" I wouldn't be very motivated.

Ok, I'll bet your thinking that kind of goal isn't realistic for everyone. Of course everyone needs their own adventure goal. Something that you can't do now but could with a few months of focused work.

I remember Karla who didn't like the sun, the wind and especially didn't like salt or chlorinated water. Yet she has found adventure in the stairwell of her condo. When I first met with her she couldn't make it to the second floor and three months later after loosing 16 lbs. and having her blood pressure and LDL cholesterol drop she made it to the 14th floor - more excited than I've EVER seen her be. She's a different person really. Stoked now about life because of a little adventure, some exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

It took me a month to get Tom to make his adventure the Koko Crater hike (the one straight up the side on the railroad ties.) He really wanted to see that view and get some photos but didn't believe he could do it. Three months later this 70yo grandfather now has enough photos from the top to clog the email in box of both his kids and grandkids.

Some other adventures in the works are a beach walk (I think a little wading is involved too) from Kailua to the Makai Pier by Sea Life Park. That's about eight miles. A swim from Portlock (China Walls) to Black Point (five miles) is also in the works. That one will be a real adventure for a mid thirties businessman who used to swim competitively in high school and college but has done little swimming since. His kids are excited too.

I know some people like the gym atmosphere and sometimes gym workouts are an important part of training but I've never seen anyone have a life changing experience on the stair machine. I do see that quite often though on mountains, in the ocean and sometimes even in stairwells.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer accredited through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. I am also an EMT and Ocean Safety Lifeguard.

I charge $50 per hour. The basic package (also the
minimum package) is $50 a week - a one hour session and all the email and phone coaching you need and the day by day workout schedule you need to have a successful adventure. We can add hours as necessary - or not. Some well motivated people are fine with the meeting once a week. Some people need much more.
I don't charge anything for the first meeting.

Send me an email, tell me a little about you and we can get you started on a life changing adventure.

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