Saturday, March 27, 2010

The month of March and the workouts...

 Hi again! I am Selen Yildiz and I am working with Jeff Koz as some of you might know. Click on the link below for my more info about me and to follow my blog:

My workouts got more intense in march and my weaknesses in my body started to speak up. I got sick during my second week having to skip my Tu and W workouts, and on Th, after a 1000m swim i had to stop because of right wrist pain. I was afraid of hurting my wrist more so I had to skip my 100m*5 sprints. on monday, on my 3rd week, I went out surfing to try my new short board only to suffer; it turned out the board was too short for me and I needed a long board, an 8-footer or bigger. I was able to paddle it out to the surf at Diamond Head but my shoulder began hurting soon and my neck got very stiff. I still made it to the surf, but couldnt catch any waves. I was too tired by the time I got there, and the waves werent big at all, which made it even harder. So, I'm selling my board to get a long one.

Thanks to my surfing fiasco, I had to skip my Tu and Th swimming work out on my 3rd week due to shoulder and neck pain. I didnt want to hurt them so I figured it would be best to wait. On F, I walked on sand for about 45 min after a 45 min Pilates and a massage session with Bryan Jordan from Pilates Training Center in Kailua. Bryan worked on my stiff neck mostly, and on the trigger points on my my right arm below the elbow, and shoulder. It turned out I need to do more stretching- because all the swim muscles on the shoulders hurt too much when pressed. Bryan is very attentive to my body's needs and gives massages accordingly. He is also very good at teaching Pilates and making sure you do the moves with the right posture. To contact Bryan,; (808)782-9595

On Sat, I went swimming in Waikiki to make up for the skipped workouts. After swimming for 1000m, I swam a set of three 100m sprints, and I stopped after that getting anxious about  my shoulder. On the weekends, I either hiked or kited, but I didnt get much kiting in because of wind. I'm happy the summer is approaching with steadier trades which means a lot more kiting or windsurfing time. 

I just got back from my Maui trip and I am more pumped than ever to get back to windsurfing which I havent done for a while. I was lucky that my spring break was in my resting week- the 4th week of every month, so I didnt have to worry about exercising while cruising on the island. It felt very good to be back on Maui and to be around some world-class windsurfers. I am hoping to spend some time there after I graduate this semester and try sailing and kitesurfing Hookipa. There arent many people windsurfing on Oahu anymore- many of the former windsurfers switched to kitesurfing. On Maui, windsurfing is still very big and you get to interact with world-class, bad-ass sailors, which inspires you to become better! And, did I mention the killer deals you get on gear? I got two posters signed by Francisco Goya, the guy who inspired me to follow my dream of living in Hawaii when I had contacted him by e-mail 5 years ago from Turkey. Back then, Hawaii was nothing but a dream. He told me his own unique story saying that I would find my own unique way of realizing my dream, which would be even more rewarding.  He was completely right. I received 100% scholarship and ended up on an island in the middle of nowhere dreaming of turning pro in windsurfing! Windsurfing and I decided to stay friends, however, and I fell for kitesurfing. :)

So, I am just starting. There are so many aspects of my health I need to work on that it's crazy and overwhelming. Last friday, while I was getting a massage from Bryan Jordan, I felt way too much pain on my lower back close to my tailbone. He said the bone there could have moved. He said the name of it, but there is no way I can remember it! He referred me to a chiropractor. As of now, that area still hurts. Plus, I am still sometimes in pain because of my bruised tail bone. I believe that my right wrist pain is caused my a misplaced bone as well. My lower back hurts even when I am swimming, especially when I swim breast stroke. I hope a chiropractor visit will solve my joint and lower back problems once and for all! Oh, that would be sooo good... wouldnt it Jeff? :)

 Some photos I took on Maui... I thought I'd share...Enjoy!




Rayburn said...

Hi Blogger! I like your pictures!! Nice eye!

Selen Yildiz said...

Hi Alexandra!
Thank you! Haha! Thanks to you, it was a trip full of great opportunities for photography!