Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week of March 1-7

Hi all again!

I dont know if its the school stress or my trainings, but these days i am super pumped physically! this recent surge of kinetic energy is almost disturbin- now i wanna go out and play around the island even more! i was out kitesurfing last saturday in Kailua and it didnt do me any good- all i can think of is the blue waters and wind!

Jeff has worked out the March training schedule for me and this past week was more intense compared to my February schedule. now i have 4x100m sprints on top of the 1000m swim twice a week, which makes a big difference. when i first tried it last week, i thought i wouldnt have any energy left for the sprints but i was wrong- to my suprise i did. on friday, i had to skip my back and ab exercises because i was running around to get things done so didnt find any opportunity that day. i kited for hours on saturday swimming for quite a bit of time after crashing the kite on the water a few times, so i guess that sort of made up for friday. on my play day, sunday, i went hiking in Manoa Valley for about 2 hours.

Next week i will try to get morekitsurfing time and if possible, go surfing, too. i guess its time to try my new board. so far i have only surfed Waikiki and Diamond Head, and i REALLY think its TIME for me to try new spots and explore the breaks around the island. if anyone wants to partner up, please feel free to shoot me an email: kailuagal85@gmail.com.


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