Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kaiwi Crew T - 1 Day

As many of the local swimming enthusiasts may know, the Palfreys are in town. I had a chance to talk with them Tuesday morning. We had a brisk swim up and down Ala Moana beach park before they were engulfed by the press from the Honolulu Advertiser. Chris and Penny gave me the towel (modeled by my beautiful assistant) as a momento. Thank you.

Many may not know that Penny is not the only Palfrey that will be swimming a channel this month. Australian tax consultant by day, mad skillz swimmer by holiday, Chris Palfrey will also be making a crossing. The Kaiwi, the channel separating Molokai from Oahu, is 26 miles or 42 kilometers long. If all goes well Chris will be the 12th person in history to swim it.

Chris' crew will be composed of the escort boat captain, his son who is the paddler, and two swimmer spotters, including one: Quinn Carver. I will be on board as Chris makes the crossing starting before you get up Saturday morning.

We anticipate leaving Oahu tomorrow (Friday, April 21) in the afternoon, arriving in Molokai that evening, and starting the swim before sunrise Saturday morning. Stay posted as I correct errata, and give you updates. I will enter entries as I have bandwidth, and also Twit to the blog this weekend. Look for the qcarver twit column underneath Jeff's.

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Koz said...

Take notes Quinn, you're next.