Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kudos to Penny and her crew

Koz will soon be back and my job as substitute blogger will be over. My last thoughts:

Life offers all kinds of unique adventures. Penny might not have reached her end goal but her adventure was definitely not a failure. The failure would have been never trying something she really wanted to do. Look at what she did accomplish. She found a dedicated crew of adventurers and convinced them that if anyone could do this swim, she could. Most important she believed in herself enough to invest months of training, money and probably much emotion in her attempt. Knowing the global swimming community was watching she began her 72 mile journey. How many of us pass up opportunities for fear that even one person will see us possibly not reach our defined goal? Penny Palfrey has proved her courage and determination. She is a true adventurer. After all life is about the journey not the destination. Can't wait to hear what all these adventurers have planned next.

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