Friday, April 23, 2010

Packing for Kauai

Penny is resting today, the rest of us are packing and making last minute preparations for her swim attempt from Oahu to Kauai. It looks like tomorrow (Saturday) is the day and depending on the surf conditions, start somewhere near Ka'ena Point.
We'll be out on the boat and Penny will have to swim ashore  to officially start from Oahu. Then she will jump back in and start swimming to Kauai 72 miles away. There will be lots of excietment, long hours with all that open ocean beauty, sunrises and sunsets, problably some seasickness, maybe some whales and dolphins and at least one open ocean night.
As long as we have cell phone reception we'll be updating this blog (from Twitter) and letting you know where we are and what's going on.
If anyone wants to leave messages of encouragement for Penny, the "comments" below are a good place.

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WildnJoyful said...

Have the time of your life! You are amazing.