Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're Updating Our Name and Website to Showcase Our Powerful Safe Drinking Water Network

To our community of passionate safe drinking water advocates:

We have worked with you for many years to eradicate the global safe drinking water crisis, village by village.  Our 2007 global relay run to raise awareness of the crisis gave rise to our original name, Blue Planet Run.
You have read about the water and sanitation projects you have helped us fund, and about the life transforming changes they've brought: children going back to school, women able to take better care of their families and opening businesses, improved community healthcare and economic development.
We are updating our name now from Blue Planet Run to Blue Planet Network to let the world know more about our amazing Network of organizations and people that makes this possible.

Today, we connect 63 expert groups working on water and sanitation issues in 22 countries. We have funded $1.5 million of sustainable water and sanitation projects. Since 2006, our platform, the Peer Water Exchange, has enabled our Network to be a "one-stop-shop" for:
  • Funders to find high quality clean water programs to invest in
  • Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO's) to collaborate with other water NGO's and gain funding to implement their water programs;
  • Monitors to report on project impact and access our $25+ million of water project data to understand best practices;
  • General Public to learn more about the crisis, take action, and see the impact of their support; and
  • Local Communities seeking clean water to be involved in their projects and, ultimately, assume management of their own futures. 
We believe that no one organization or government can solve the global safe drinking water crisis on its own.  Only by working together can we make the strongest progress toward our common goal of safe drinking water for all.  Our Network provides a community in which all these groups and individuals can work together to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of water and sanitation projects around the world.

In the Community Survey so many of you filled out last December, you said you wanted to hear about: the people affected by the safe drinking water crisis; the groups we work with and the projects they do; and how your donations are being directed to worthy projects and the impact of this support.

So, in addition to updating our name to Blue Planet Network, we are updating our website, We designed our new site to better showcase the work of all of our capable partners and its impact, and to provide more comprehensive information about the safe drinking water crisis and the people it touches. We are providing more in-depth areas for Funders, NGO Implementers, and the Public, so that everyone can take better advantage of the resources of our Network.  We invite you to take a look at our updated site and give us your feedback.

There is so much more work to be done, but we are excited about the direction we are taking, and the company we are traveling with. We thank you for your faith in us, we encourage you to stay involved, and we promise we always will be 100% focused on bringing sustainable safe drinking water to all.

Water is life.  Pass it on.

Lisa Nash
Lisa Nash, CEO
and the team at Blue Planet Network

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