Monday, July 12, 2010

140 Miles Self Supported for Clean Water

I've been going through all the photos and video this morning - reliving it all. What an intense day.I started At Magic Island on my bike planning to ride around the island clockwise to Makapu'u and then paddle back to Magic Island. Self supported I no longer think its possible unless I want to do most of the paddle in the dark. I was dealing with the trail from hell (quite beautiful unless you're trying to ride across it on a road bike), heat and humidity, strong headwinds,dehydration , a crash and ten flat tires! Somewhere on the North Shore I realized I wouldn't make it back to Makapu'u in time to paddle back. I was disappointed but knew I was going to get back to where I started on my own.
Fifteen straight hours of biking (with a bit of hiking with a bike on my shoulders), most of it with what I thought was a bent rim from the crash ( my back rim was badly scraped and wobbling the last 80 miles but this morning I put a new tire on it and it rides smooth) and I had to rethink my plans. A solo unsupported 140 mile trip around the island was going to have to be good enough because I wasn't going to get to Makapu'u much before dark to do any paddling.
Lots of people thought I should stop.A crash, bent rim, ten flat tires and way behind schedule - everyone would understand.  Everyone except a young boy in some third world country who heard about Blue Planet Network and how they could  possibly bring clean safe drinking water to his village so he and his family wouldn't have to drink out of the sewage pond. 6,000 people a day DIE from not having clean safe drinking water, mostly children. I was biking and thinking what I would say to this boy about why I didn't finish, about why I couldn't raise enough money to help his village. I was going to finish if I had to crawl back.
Now you have to do your part. Thirty dollars is I'm asking. My Goal is $25,000 by the end of March. Please donate
This adventure has been a great learning experience and I intend to blog about all the details and everything I learned about fitness and endurance adventures in the days to come. Check back for that.

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