Thursday, July 15, 2010

Part 1( South Shore) of the 140 mile Bike for Clean Water

The alarm rand at 3:30am. Everything had been packed the day before and all I had to do was load the car. I didn't feel like breakfast and only drank coffee and water. Beth and I headed for Ala Moana Beach Park. The plan was for me to bike from there across the south shore, up the west side, around the Ka'ena Point trail, across the North Shore and down the east side till I got to the Makai Pier across from Sea Life Park. From there I would paddle back to Magic Island - hopefully before sunset. A race with the Sun.
I kissed Beth good by and left the parking lot in a very light drizzle at 5:05am.
It was still dark and I was careful riding along Nimitz. The beginning was exciting, as these kind of things always are for me but riding through busy city streets is frustrating, too, slow with all the traffic and stoplights. I noticed the red and yellow sunrise somewhere around the Pearlridge Center. Smiled. This was going to be a beautiful day. Made sure to make regular calls to Beth so she would know I was ok and for her to tweet my location.

Was making progress down the Kam Highway and coming up on the Pearl Highlands Center and looking for the turnoff to the Farrington Highway. Saw the sign that said "Waianae" and took that and found myself on the FREEWAY. I was disorientated. What Happened? I stopped, lifted my bike over the guardrail and started walking my bike back. Rode back about a mile looking for where I went wrong and in desperation turned off Kam Hwy. and headed toward the water. Saw a guy on a bike coming off a bike trail and asked for directions to Farrington. Turns out that was the Pear Harbor bike trail that I had heard about but never been too, until now. Beautiful ride and a relief to get away from traffic for a while. Got a good look at America's Navy.
 Found Farrington and had a beautiful ride to Kapolei where I got lost again, briefly, because you have to turn off Farrington Wesbound before getting on on Farrington Northbound. or else you go to Barbers Point. Was at Kapolei at 7am and feeling strong and excited about the ride up the west side.
The Bike was riding beautifully but I was running out of water and knew it was time to start looking for some clean safe drinking water of my own. I knew I still had a very long day ahead.

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