Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part 2 ( West side and Ka'ena Point) of the 140 mile Bike for Clean Water

Car stuck and its owner nowhere in sight. Don't bring your car here. Ka'ena Point Trail
My water bottles hold 27 oz (800ml) and both were empty as I left Kapolei. I needed water. I stopped several miles up the road at the showers at Maili Point. Drank a full bottle then filled both bottles and headed north toward Makaha. This isn't a relaxing ride. Lots of traffic and bad streets makes for some nervous times. The Farrington Hwy here is mixed business and residential - lots of cars coming in and out of driveways and lots of stoplights.
Fortunately it turned out to be uneventful and I was making good time even with the less than ideal conditions. I passed Makaha (were I've had lots of great times surfing) but made my first big mistake (other than getting lost a few times), I didn't fill up with water at the showers there. I'd pay for that on the trail. I was making good time, had one full bottle and didn't want to stop. Stopped anyway a mile past Makaha with my first flat from running over a broken bottle. Fixed it sweating in the hot sun.
For those of you who don't know this area,  the paved road does not go all the way around this island. There is a section about 5 1/2 miles long that was never paved and is now a very rough and rocky trail. Its a great hike or run, a tough mountain bike trail and a very miserable trek walking -carrying - riding a road bike. 
By the time I got to Ka'ena Point at about 9:30am I had already fixed my second flat and was out of water. I had a slow three and a half miles of trail and two more on the road before I got to water. The sky was clear and it was getting hot. Stopped for a minute and remembered Penny Palfrey starting her swim to Kauai from here.
The North Shore part of that trail is good for a mountain bike but on my road bike it was risky and had my third flat riding where I should have been walking. I sat down in the sun and the dirt and the dust and fixed the tire and started to wonder why I was doing this. I was hungry too and pulled out a raw organic food bar, took a few bites and I was so dehydrated I couldn't even swallow it. I spit it out, got back on the bike and started my urgent race for water.

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