Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing "Every Picture Tells A Story" ... ... And Showing The Difference Clean Water Makes

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Introducing "Every Picture Tells A Story" ...
... And Showing The Difference Clean Water Makes
You, our Blue Planet Network community, told us in our market research last year you wanted to learn more about the groups who were members of our Network, as well as better understand what your support delivers in terms of real life benefits to those in need of safe drinking water.
Janlay School
As a result, we are launching "Every Picture Tells A Story"in partnership with PhotoPhilanthropy, a great organization that identifies photographers interested in contributing their skills to help non-profits around the world.

"Every Picture Tells A Story" is a periodic series that tracks our Blue Planet Network partners and the communities they work in around the world. Volunteer photographers travel to remote villages to live with the communities and document the life-transforming changes that safe drinking water brings. They also document the ongoing struggle of the communities to ensure this water keeps up with expanding populations and other human pressures. These photos, combined with stories and interviews, make the argument for clean water more effectively than any official report ever could.

The first installment of "Every Picture Tells a Story" highlights the work of our member, Agua Para La Salud, in Guatemala. It features the photos and related stories of Jodi and Tristan Moss, two very talented photographers from Seattle, Washington who visited several APLS projects earlier this year. By going through the photos, and reading the accompanying stories, we hope you get a real sense of what safe drinking water can do to change lives. We hope you connect with the people whose stories we are telling and understand how hard they are working to provide a better life for their communities.

     More Info  |  Jodi and Tristan  |  Your Stories

We invite you to take a look and hope you are inspired. Please let us know what you think.

Water is life. Pass it on.

Lisa Nash
- Lisa Nash and the Blue Planet Network team

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