Saturday, October 16, 2010

Six Ingredients for a Successful Fitness Program

There really is no BIG secret to getting results
with your health and fitness program.  You do
need, however, the right ingredients and a great
coach.  Because the real secret is your ability to
implement on all levels.  The real secret is to
Take Action!

The reason people struggle to lose weight, get in
shape, and make it last a lifetime is that they
are lacking one or more of the following key
ingredients.  And leaving any of them out is
literally like trying to cook bread without an

Here are the 6 key ingredients in no particular

1. You need strength training at least two days
per week. And this is serious
strength training. You need strength
training programs that cycle your training, build
muscle, and keep your body fine tuned like an
athlete. No, you don’t have to be an
athlete but you do
have to approach the process in the same way and
challenge yourself the way they do to be

2. You need cardiovascular exercise every day for
a total of at least 180 minutes per week. No
exceptions! No excuses. 

3. You need to have your resting metabolic rate
tested so that you know exactly how many calories
your body actually needs in a day. Eat balanced meals
of whole unprocessed food throughout the day. Stop
eating junk food. Everything with a  label is suspect.  And
don’t worry, when you’re eating right, all the
junk food won’t hold any power over you anymore
because you’ll feel so much  better you won’t crave
it anymore.

You need all three of these things working for you
to maximize your results. What happens most often
is that people have one or two of them going and
then wonder why it’s not working.

The other problem is that they are often not
working hard enough during their exercise, and
this can really hinder progress - another great
reason to have a trainer and a coach who can push

There are three other important keys for
success that I'm providing if you're already a client.  
If you're not a client yet, well, what are you waiting for...
1. Accountability
2. Expert Guidance and plan of action that you can
3. A solid support structure lead by your coach and aided
by your friends and family.

Any questions?  Email me or comment below.

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