Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keep The Momentum Going and Win Our Book On Water

A month ago, we launched our photo blog, Every Picture Tells a Story.
Then we started up our new, official Facebook page. We won the
 2010 Intel Environment Award last week. Now, we are about to announce
 several new projects that will be funded through Blue Planet Network to
 bring safe drinking water to those in need.

We want to keep our momentum flowing, and there are three great ways
 you can help:
Face Book FansFan of the Week
We want to get a few thousand
 fans on Facebook. So every
 Monday and Friday now until the
 new year, we will give away a
 copy of our beautiful coffee table
 photo-essay book to a Fan
 of the Week. 
more details >>
Tech Awards2010 Intel Environment Award
This is a huge honor and validation
 of our approach. We are seeking
 funding to enable safe drinking
 water to reach many more people
. You can help by letting people know
about us and our latest achievement.
more details >>
Every Picture Tells a StoryEvery Picture Tells a Story
Our photo gallery blog tells the real
 stories of people around the world
 and how safe drinking water
 transforms their lives. Three new
 posts from our photographers have
 been added. This blog is great for
 showing and sharing the impact
of our work.
more details >>
We are very excited about the progress we have made towards empowering a global
 community to tackle the safe drinking water crisis. Please check out the news
 and help us to spread it all around. Every drop counts!

Water is life. Pass it on.

Lisa Nash
- Lisa Nash and the Blue Planet Network team

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