Monday, November 8, 2010

Penny Palfrey swim attempt to Kauai II

Earlier this year  (Saturday April 24) Penny Palfrey jumped off some rocks at Ka'ena Point Oahu and attempted to swim the 75 miles  to Kauai. Thirty six miles into her swim she ran into a raft of Man o war and the pain and nausea from multiple stings ended her swim.
She's back on Oahu and it looks like a go for another attempt on Tuesday.

When I saw her the other day she showed me the scars on her arms from the Man o war stings like they were some kind of badge of honor. She is very determined to accomplish this swim.

The past few days have been filled with all the last minute details that make a swim like this happen. Shopping lists and car pool arrangements and for me making sure cameras are ready.

Bill Goding and I will be paddling next to her as we did last time as well as Steve Munatones. Captain Don is again at the helm.

Check back for updates and photos.


Quinn said...

WOOT! Not sure you can hear me from all the way out here in the Chesapeake.. !!! GO GO GO team Penny! -QC

Koz said...

I hear you Quinn!!! I wish you could be here for this but you're not finished with your swims around here so I'll be seeing you before too long.

Debbie said...

GO Penny!!