Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swimming, Running and Biking

Cha Cha Cha Salseria in Hawaii Kai is a great post race
 hangout where some of Oahu's best athletes come
to relax, refuel and talk story
It's time to answer some questions that have been piling up in my in-box. Many recently have been about Penny Palfrey and her now Two attempts to swim the 75 miles from Oahu to Kauai. Is she over it now? No, she is not. Had dinner and a few Marguritas with her at Cha Cha Cha Salseria in Hawaii Kai before she went back to Australia. We talked about the next attempt, agreed for the need to gather as much info as possible about the man-o-war and pondered other possibilities such as a full suit of some kind. We also swapped stories about sharks,  hitting the wall and what other extreme things we'd like to do. Her story about the Great White that swam under her right after the start of her Santa Barbara Island swim got my attention and she seemed to like my story about the Military Sub that went under me while I was paddling off Oahu's South Shore. We agreed that we each should write a book someday. Right now we're busy creating the content.

The day before Penny's swim I heard from Steve Munatones that some Hollywood producer heard about the swim and was sending an outdoor sports photographer to film it from the escort boat. We were all stoked, especially Penny. He was in LA, had his ticket and was on his way to the airport in a cab when he got a call from the company lawyer saying he couldn't go because it was too dangerous and there were liability issues. We swapped a few lawyer jokes on the boat none of which I want to repeat here.

How is the 2817 mile challenge going? As expected the start was exciting but the whole middle part was was lacking in publicity and donations. I'm now in the home stretch. Next Im entered in the XTERRA Trail Running World Championship . It's a half marathon at Kualoa Ranch and I'm doing it barefoot. In December a double circling the island - one full loop  (140 miles) and then the other loop ( 112 mile Dick Evans route up the middle of the island) non stop. In January Laurel Dudley ( who was part of the original Blue Planer Run-around-the -world) and I are planning a big get everyone we know involved extreme event. Check back for more on this. Remember that we are doing this to raise money for Blue Planet Network so they can help the millions around the world who are in desperate need of clean drinking water. Did you donate?

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