Monday, February 14, 2011

Bridging the Cayman Islands Swim June 9th 2011


Thursday, February 10th, 2011
Penny and Chris Palfrey, Kauai, Hawaii 2010
With only four months until my Bridging the Cayman Islands Swim, there’s been lots of planning and behind the scenes organising. Mr Flowers and his team have been extremely busy in the Cayman Islands as we put the Bridge Swim together between Australia, the USA and the Cayman Islands via the internet.

There are boats, flights, accommodation, kayaks, paddleboards, crew and many other details to work through long before a swim like this can take place. We have a wonderful team of sponsors and Mr Flowers is going out of his way to ensure my swim is as safe as possible.
I have a swim crew of five extremely experienced men to support me during my swim, three will be boat support crew and two are water crew who will escort me throughout the swim in kayaks or on a paddleboard.
The boat support crew are, Steven Munatones of California, Chris Palfrey from Australia, Dan Boyle from New York, and the water support crew are Jeff Kozlovich, Hawaii and Richard Clifford also from New York.
Over the coming weeks I’ll be profile each member of the swim support crew and post here to our website. So keep checking in for updates on our upcoming channel swims in Hawaii during March and the latest goss on the Bridging the Cayman Islands swim.
Feeling a little chilly? That northern hemisphere winter starting to wear a little thin? Feel like a swim in beautiful warm tropical waters, just one mile….not too far at the beginning of summer? Then the Flowers Sea Swim could be just the thing for you 
Cayman Island Bridge Swim sponsors

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