Thursday, May 19, 2011

Penny is a role model for mums

The Flowers Sea Swim is only a few weeks away and the build up this year is unique because a world renowned marathon swimmer is going to attempt to set a unique world record that will attract headlines around the world.
Bridging the Cayman Islands involves first swimming the five-mile channel from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman on 6 June, then a 68-mile historic attempt to swim between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman from 9-11 June before the Flowers Sea Swim on 18 June.
Penny Palfrey will attempt to make history again, adding the inter-island event to her awesome list of ultra-distance swimming accomplishments.
Inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, she is a world record holder and pioneer in long-distance swimming. Her experience and knowledge of the sport will be essential for this swim which could take up to 40 hours.

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