Tuesday, October 4, 2011


From the Live Strong Blog
-Adam Bornstein

I was working late one night last week when my wife walked into the room and interrupted my frantic typing. “I need to ask you something important: Do you think you can do this forever?”

I looked up from my computer, unsure if she was asking about my typing or our week-old marriage.

“Excuse me?”

Then she clarified: “Do you think you can write about nutrition and fitness forever?

My answer could have just been “yes,” but when it comes to health, nothing is ever as simple as it should be. So instead of telling her why I was confident about my future, I decided to show her how many dangerous mistruths still exist.

You would think that I would run out of things to write about, but health seems to change on a weekly basis. There are minor changes, like finding out that coffee might boost fat loss in men—but not women—or that toning shoes actually don’t help improve your body (Ok, maybe that wasn’t much of a surprise). But the bigger problems are myths that persevere, no matter how much research is published or anecdotal information proves them incorrect. Consider the following the statements. Can you identify which ones are false and which are true?

The latest research indicates a diet high in saturated fat causes cardiovascular disease.
Eating late at night makes you more likely to store fat.
Eating multiple meals (4-6) speeds your metabolism more than eating fewer meals (2-3).
Egg yolks are bad for your cholesterol.
A high-sodium diet is one of the biggest problems in the American diet.

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