Monday, March 5, 2012

Penny Swimming from Cuba to Florida with the Blue Planet Network – Water is life. Pass it on.

There is a solution to prevent 20,000 people from dying each day and keep half of the hospital beds in the world empty. It could also allow millions of women and children to go to work or school. For countless other millions of people it also happens to be the first step out of poverty. This solution may even prevent future wars.

This solution is simply safe drinking water.
Yet it is out of reach for a billion people – almost one-sixth of the world’s population.
We have three major challenges in changing these statistics.
1 – Most people have no idea about the problem.
2 – The world has lacked the water project infrastructure to create sustainable access to safe drinking water.
3 – We are missing the global willpower and community to fund projects and build a movement.
I want to help solve each of these challenges in order to bring safe drinking water to every person on our planet.
My crew and I take on epic endurance swimming challenges to capture attention and build awareness of the world’s water crisis. To tackle the second challenge, we partnered with Blue Planet Network, a global community of funders, project implementers, supporters and communities in need that is powered by a scalable online platform to manage the funding, implementation, and monitoring of tens of thousands of water projects. The combination of these two approaches creates a new model for solving what is quickly becoming the world’s most crucial crisis.
The third challenge is up to you. Please help us build the community capable of solving one of humanity’s most important problems. Together we are a powerful force for change. My swim represents the power of ordinary people to conquer incredible challenges. Our goals are focused, measurable, and achievable. The solutions are extremely affordable – $30 can create safe drinking water for one person for most of a lifetime. You can join our movement to pass on this solution by sponsoring the Penny Palfrey Cuba to Florida record-breaking swim.
The message is so important, the 2007 Blue Planet Run Team carried it on foot 15,200 miles through 16 countries all the way around the globe, delivering it hand to hand, face to face, step by step. Together, we must continue, drop by drop until there is safe drinking water for everyone.
Water is life. Pass it on.

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