Monday, March 3, 2014

Kaiwi Channel Swim Race

Registration is Open
The Registration process is OPEN for the 2014 Ka'iwi Channel Swim - 2 and 6 person teams racing head to head across the Ka'iwi Channel from Molokai to Oahu. The date for the swim is August 23, 2014.
The race will start fronting the Kalua Koi Resort on Molokai at 6am and will finish at Sandy Beach, Oahu with an 8pm cutoff time.
Please read all rules and regs carefully. Here are the basics.

Relay swimmers must touch or tag each other in the water at Start/finish of EACH swim leg.
Relay swimmers must keep the same order throughout the swim.
Each swim leg is ½ hour.
And obviously all teams need an escort boat.

With the experience of the 2013 Ka'iwi Channel Swim still fresh in our minds, fellow race Director Steve Haumschild and I are excited and hopeful about the 2014 Swim. We learned a few things last year.

We got as high as 9 confirmed registrations last year and only 2 teams raced. That caused much pondering on our part. We really needed to address that issue.

The main issue is that while you, the team captain, are really stoked and ready to sign up and buy the plane ticket, you still have to get five friends to all get the the same time off work and meet on Oahu the last week in August. Apparently most teams last year couldn't manage this.

This year we're going to help. Below the posts on this sight, on our FACEBOOK page and through email, we will be keeping a list of single swimmers or teams looking for more swimmers. So if you can't or don't want to put together a swim team or are looking for more swimmers for your team, we'll be keeping a list. Have half a team? We'll put you in touch with the other half.

This is an extreme swim. Actually part swim and part expedition. Its not going to be a huge race with lots of teams. We're guessing between 8 to 12 teams this year. We'll keep you posted on that but you'll have to wait for at least June for any meaningful numbers.

As long as the confirmed registration totals are under 15 teams we are only giving awards to the top 3 teams. However we will keep a list on this blog of the times and rankings of all swims. We'll rank them male, female and mixed both under and over 40 average age. As the years go by you'll know where you stand even if there weren't enough teams to make that meaningful in your particular race. And we'll be mentioning everyone at the post race party this year.

The cost for a six person team is $2000 and a two person team is $1200. We're really looking for a good early indication of interest so 20% off if you register and pay before April 1st.

Registration button is to the right. Fill out the info on the form and we will send you an invoice by email that you can pay thru PayPal with your credit card.

Keep checking back both here and on our facebook page for updates as this race evolves.

Remember, we're a small race (so far but we have big plans) and we can easily answer questions and help you with the logistics. Ask questions!

-Jeff Kozlovich, Race Director

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