Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"What kind of supplements do you take?"

As more and more people hear about my adventure I get asked a lot of questions. One particular question I get asked a lot. Just the other day it was asked this way, "What kind of vitamin supplements do you take?"

I never did believe in the hype and I didn't ever feel any better when I did take them -- so I don't and will train for six months and circle this island without taking any vitamin, mineral or herbal supplements. I know quite a few extreme athletes who don't take any either. I eat well, that's all. I'll go over my diet in a post this weekend but for now, no, I don't take any vitamin supplements. That is my experience as a professional lifeguard, an athlete and a guy in his forties who has no health problems. But I did say, didn't I, that I would back up such things with some experts and real scientific/medical research?

The American Cancer Society website is a incredible resource. Lots of research by medical and scientific types who have a list of credentials too long to mention here. One conclusion they came to after spending many millions of dollars is that supplements don't help in preventing cancer or in mitigating its effects. However, they say that a diet high in vitamin rich foods (fresh fruits and vegetables), a low animal fat diet and lots of exercise is your best bet. Take some time to check out their website linked below.


"We recommend that healthy people get adequate nutrients by eating a variety of foods in moderation, rather than by taking supplements." That one I got from the American Heart Association website. Seems they too have spent big bucks researching the vitamin supplement approach and don't think much of it either. They too, recommend a low animal fat diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and exercise. Check out their very informative website below.


Keep checking back for more.


Anonymous said...

I was excited about your project until I heard your comments about vitamins. Its just an accepted fact that vitamins work. They work for me and I don't know what your problem is. Maybe your not paying attention. to the needs of your body. From someone in your position I think this is blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah koz!! I didn't know it and wasn't expecting it but I'm proud of you for saying what so many believe, that this vitamin stuff is bunk. I don't take any either but my wife is always getting on my case to take them. She's not going to be happy with you.

I got something I got to come clean on. I'm the one who suggested that Koz windsurf down the windward side. I was just joking though. Was also going to suggest he put on scuba tanks and swim it underwater. Just a joke, Koz. And you went and took it seriously.
But now I get to enjoy that joke for a long time. Thanks for the entertainment and the good advice.
Keep it up.