Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out

The days when surfers would go home and yap about surf to their wives and girl friends during dinner are about to end. You've heard it, "Whoa, babe, you should have seen my last barrel. Completely covered!!". Those days are long gone.

But wait, what's happened to home style surf yappin? Now, the girls are out in full force. Board and paddle, as in standup paddle. From Waikiki to the north shore's of Oahu and Hanalei. Hundred's of women are out there and guess what, the guys are actually taking their women's new found passion very seriously. Toner bodies, more spirited attitudes. Now everyone in the family is pretty damn stoked about the ocean.

Once thought of as a geeky fadish past time, SUP is here to stay.

With women out there in full force everywhere doing the whole flat water thing, guys better pay attention because the island girls are getting noticed on the beach and in the water. Sculpting their bodies.

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Anonymous said...

Couple of questions. Where are the good places to SUP on Oahu? Whats up with the tandem board? I never saw one. Is it harder?