Thursday, May 15, 2008


The best thing about the Molokai Paddleboard race last year was how I felt the next day, just fine. Remember that structured workout schedule I wrote about a week or so ago? That, I think, is a big part of it.
I was ready to push up to the next step so last Monday I rode my bike from Portlock to Kailua (about 22 miles and an hour and a half) then put the bike away, got out my paddleboard and went to Kaimana Beach . . . and back (about 19 miles and 4 hours) then I did the Koko Crater steps twice (one final hour) and then I went home and took a well deserved nap.
Near the start of June I'll do that or something similar two days in a row, July three days in a row and in early August four days in a row.
Right now Mondays are the long workouts and the rest of the time there isn't anything over an hour long. But some of those hours (or even half hours ) are intense. Today during my lunch break I did soft sand prints. I usually do between 30 and 50. So that's sprint as hard as you can and when you get to the finish mark turn and walk back and as soon as you get back to the start, turn and sprint. No stopping, just walk back. Today the air was hot and still and the sand was scorching. I was dizzy at 30 and stopped there.
Then on my afternoon training break I got out my mask and fins and dove for my training rock. Training rock? Yeah, it weighs 40lbs and I swim with it. Well, maybe dragging it along while gasping for air is closer to what I do. In the inner channel at AlaMoana Beach Park I go sometimes 2000 meters but today I did the short course at only 1000 meters. You hold the rock on your stomach and while on your back you kick like hell. I'm working on a video of this but we're having some trouble with the underwater shots. Don't try this on your own!!!!! With expert guidance and light rock to start it can be an incredible workout but it is intense, not too much different from water boarding, I think.

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