Friday, May 2, 2008

Training Schedule

I'm getting ready for a multi day endurance event in September, so what's the plan to be in peak shape? I started to train for this event six months out. Before that was the end of the North Shore season and I mostly surfed. Starting in March I started trail running, climbing the Koko Crater steps, swimming (some of that with a 40lb rock -- check the YouTube videos in a week or so for more of that) and of course lots of miles on the paddleboard in addition to surfing and bodysurfing.
The plan each month is three weeks hard and getting harder and one week very easy. I start week one at level 1 and it goes like this: Month one, 1,2,3, rest. Month 2: 2,3,4, rest. Month 3: 3,4,5, rest. Month 4: 4,5,6 rest. Month 5: 5,6,7 rest. Month 6: 6,7,8, rest. I'm ready.
I start slow and build slowly. Each week the workouts get a little harder and a little longer. After each cycle I don't start one level higher I back down and start where I was in the middle of the last cycle. I'm not the one to explain all the physiology of this system but from experience I know it works. My coach learned it at a US Olympic Committee workshop.
I have one day every week where I don't do much of anything. I rest and my coach defines that as staying below 60% of my max heart rate (under 105 beats per minute.) I also have one day a week where I do some long paddles, long sails and long bike rides.
So far the biggest challenge has been getting all the equipment together that I'll need for this event. I know there is a lot of little stuff but I have the road bike (thanks Coach Bill), I've got the windsurfing gear and I just got an unlimited paddleboard - 17'6' and fast. So now I can relax and train and write more posts. Next post I'll get into the details of the workouts.

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