Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day Three and Four

I got back to the Makai Pier at about 2:30pm today. That was one long paddle into the wind!
Yesterday was great too. Started at Ko'Olina, biked to the end of the road, ran around Kaena Point, continued the bike across the North Shore and down the east side to Kahana bay. Camped overnight and in the morning rode my bike a few miles down the road to Kualoa Beach Park. From there I paddled back to the pier in Waimanalo.
Lots more to tell so check back soon. I got lots of photos, some video, an interview and much more.
And I'm already thinking about what comes next.

(note: I date stamped all the photos but the third day it reset for some reason and the date reverted back to the 2006 default. It should read: 9/06/2008)

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