Monday, September 8, 2008

more photos


Anonymous said...

I am impressed BUT I hear you did this adventure without an escort. Is that not careless and what kind of message are you sending those who look up to you?
I guess no sharks attacked you, did you see any?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lin,
I'm a good friend of Jeff.
First, God made one big mistake because Koz was supposed to be a fish or seal or something. He is very comfortable in the water. More comfortable, I noticed, than on land.
None of this was careless. It was planned for months. Koz handled all the details, got everything ready, sure he had help driving him around and picking him up but he planned it all.
He ate right, trained right and planned it all right and earned the right to do it alone witch I know he loves.
Wouldn't be the same with some noisy diesel belching boat full of people along.
It's like Karate or Judo or something like that. The novice does not dare try what the master thinks is easy. Koz is just at a different level with this stuff. That he did it at all is amazing but even more impressive is he did it right on schedule without any problems.
I happen to think he's one damn fine role model.

Anonymous said...

SO, how many miles does that paddle board have on it now? What an amazing way to experience the island--thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure with all of us.

I hope it was as amazing an experience as those pictures make it look! Your courageous and playful training regimen continue to inspire me everyday! Congratulations on this amazing achievement Jeff!

love, Nickie