Monday, September 15, 2008

Post Adventure Questions

Reflecting on all that happened last week I'm a bit lost as how to explain it all. Thankfully I got a bunch of email with lots of questions, so I think I'll start there.
But first a brief summary:
After training, planning and eating the right stuff I left the Waimanalo Pier at 8am on nSept, 4 on my paddleboard and paddled to Magic Island. I arrived at 1:15pm.
On Sept5 at about 8am I left Magic Island and paddled to Ko'Olina. I arrived at 2:20pm.
On Sept 6 I biked up the west side, ran around Kaena Point and finished the bike to Kahana Bay.
Sept.7 I biked to Kualoa Beach park and paddled from there Back to the pier where I finished ahead of schedule at 2:30pm.
I got a lot of why questions. Well, first for the adventure of it. Second to prove the point that you can do stuff like this, do it strong and finish still able to stand. The next morning I got up early and went surfing. No, I don't think I'm exceptional. I just figured out how to eat and train so something like this is difficult and challenging but not crippling. And if you want to learn how I can teach you.
Next were a bunch of comments like "aren't you stoked you did it?" Yes, I am but more stoked that I experienced it.
And right after I did this there were a bunch of shark sightings, one attack and many beach closures. Did I see any sharks? No, I didn't. I did however paddle through some of the sharkiest places around Oahu. Maybe they saw me but kept out of my sight. On a 16ft paddleboard I am not concerned. Sometimes I joke that they are afraid of me but more likely they don't notice me.
Why did you do this without an escort boat? I don't recommend it but I believe I've earned the right to do it. Its a whole different kind of adventure and an even greater challenge. I'm very comfortable out there and I like the time alone. It was well planned and well thought out. It went according to schedule with no real problems. I was well trained and knew it wouldn't be a problem.
What was the toughest paddle? The toughest one psychologically was from Magic Island to Ko'Olina. The outer Honolulu Harbor buoy is the farthest I'd gone before and it only two miles from Magic Island. When I passed I knew I had 18 unknown miles to go to get to Barbers Point. A straight line from Magic Island to Barbers Point takes you about 5 miles off shore around Sand Island and the airport. I was way out there.
The physically toughest was the paddle across Kaneohe Bay. Two hours forty five minutes into a 20 mph east wind stopping briefly every 10 minutes or so to pull off the man-o-war that were wrapped around my hands and arms.
How did you feel afterwards? Physically I felt fine, I was excited that I did it but sad it was over. I got up the next morning and went surfing, came home and took a nap.
What next? Give me another week or so to think about it.

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Debbie said...

What an adventure! Good for you. I want to hear what's next.