Saturday, October 11, 2008


Before I move on to other adventures I just wanted to let you all know that Yes, a video of this adventure will be finished in a few weeks. I will add details of all the four days and what I saw, felt and thought as I was paddeling, biking and running around this island.
I didn't really do it on my own and I owe thanks to a bunch of people. Bill G, if not for your swim from Molokai to Oahu I don't think I would of thought of this. Bill I, your coaching helped me do at 48 what I couldn't do at 28. Chasing after my three sons kept me in great shape, thanks guys and don't expect me to give up my alpha male status with out one hell of a fight. Dale, thanks for understanding. NS, because of you I wasn't worried about the dangers because I was too busy noticing the colors and the bubbles and the sky and the waves and all the beauty. Beth-Ann, your reaction ranged from tolerance to awe and you came through when I needed it, for that I'll be your personal trainer. What should we work on tonight?

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