Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Should the Tourists Have All the Fun?

I've been putting the word out that I'm going to facilitate some group exercise classes. When I first thought of this I was a bit unsure myself what exactly these classes would be like. But now I'm getting some clarity. Mostly its like the individual coaching I do - except with more people!

Not sure why that was so hard to figure out but here's how it goes.

After we get to know each other a bit I get those participating to set a goal. Not really exercise goals but a real tangible and physical goal - climbing a mountain, swimming across a bay, 10 laps in a pool, something like that. I have one guy who lives in Kailua who is a post heart attack 60yo and he wants to swim to Flat Island and back. A woman in Hawaii Kai wants to take the stairs to her condo on the 18th floor (without stopping).
Most personal trainers use health and fitness as goals. Sometimes that gets boring. I use adventure as a goal and get health and fitness as a byproduct. It's way more fun that way.
So we'll meet every Sunday, sometimes in Kailua and sometimes in Hawaii Kai and have some fun adventures. Sometimes as simple as a walk on the beach. Sometimes a more adventurous hike. A swim? Eventually I'll have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes but for now everyone is welcome and we'll start easy.
In December - Sunday the 7th and 21st will be at 9am at the boat ramp on the south end of Kailua Beach Park. Sunday the 14th and 28th will be at 9am at the north end restrooms at Sandy Beach Park. All December classes are walks on the sand! We'll get more adventurous next year. $10 per person per class this month.
So come to the beach, have fun, make some new friends, learn lots about exercise and diet and get some fresh air. No prior experience needed. No equipment needed.
Check the upper right hand corner of this site for weekly details about classes.
See you at the beach.
Questions? 223-0309

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement and good advice. As I told you I really don't like to go far from home but adventure comes in the form of climbing stairs of my condo building. I made ten floors today. Crazy but it keeps me motivated