Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've given everyone a few weeks into 2009 to get all the whining out of the way. Yes, another year has gone by and now it time to accept it and get on with life.

For a New Year resolution I suggest you eat Food (not food products) and get lots of exercise.

Its going to be an exciting year for Koz-Hawaii. This past year saw the experiment of this blog/website really take off. We continue to get more and more visitors and commercial sponsorship interest as we refine what we are all about and refine our target audience. I continue to go against conventional advice by creating a website that attempts to appeal to both the seasoned athlete and the novice looking for some guidance on health and fitness. I do that because I sincerely believe that health and fitness should be taught and modeled by healthy fit people.

In 2009 Koz-Hawaii will have more contributors. I never did want to be the only guy writing and after many months of searching and some begging and pleading I've got more people lined up to contribute.

I'm going to have a few more adventures of my own in '09. I will again circle Oahu in late summer - probably go all the way around on my paddleboard. I'll blog about my training and diet and everything else I do to prepare for this adventure.

In Spring I'll go on another adventure. I'm going to start from Magic Island and run across town towards the mountains - get onto the trail system and go over the mountains - get off the trail around Kailua - Run across Kailua to the beach and get my paddleboard and paddle back to Magic Island. So, Town over the mountains to Kailua and back by water - about 12 hours. Sound like fun? As odd as that may seem to some of you, it does sound like fun to me.

My friend Bill is planning another extreme swim. I think its going to be Lana'i to Kaho'olawe (about 18 miles.) I'll probably paddle alongside him the whole way with a camera and possibly a Bang Stick (can't let those pesky sharks bother him.)

Our Camera equipment is getting upgraded so the photos should be even better. This will be the site for all sorts of action adventure photos and all those who hope to visit this island will have many good reasons to log on.

Welcome to 2009. Its going to be an exciting year.


Anonymous said...

What does Bill think of those shark photos?

Anonymous said...

More than admirable. Actually amazing dedication to an idea and belief. You are among the rare.

David Cornwell