Monday, January 26, 2009

The Complete List of Running Rob's Marathons

Running Rob again:

I was asked what marathons I have run, so I sat down and started to think of All the ones I did. Years back I had a friend make a list of them. So I found the list, also I have saved all my marathon numbers. It was fun remembering all the different marathons. For those who have run a few or many know that each marathon is different, because one marathon can be HOT,Cold,Windy,or even Rainy and also it depends on the kind of training you were able to do.
Some of the marathons that stand out were Mt. Rushmore marathon, because it snowed the first 16 miles. Then there was the First Rock-n-Roll marathon in San Diego in 1998. It started one hour late and then it got to be 90 deg res and they ran out of water on the course. I guess they weren't expecting 20 thousand plus runners for and Enageril race. But one of the most remembered marathons was the 1995 LA marathon. At the expo which is one of the biggest,I had the honor to meet Muhammad Ali. I bought his book and had Him sign it. The next day at the start of the race, Muhammad Ali started the marathon. To hear 20,000 plus marathoners YELLING ALI,ALI. It rained the whole race but it didn't even matter, cause having Muhammad to start the race was so inspirational! It's something I'll NEVER forget! That's what makes running marathons so Great, also you have to love it. Marathoners are different kind people, cause we don't mind running 26.2 miles.

Running Rob

Running Rob's Marathons:

Honolulu Marathon 15 times
San Francisco Marathon 10
Napa Valley Marathon 4
Calif. International Marathon 3
Silicon Valley Marathon 3
Kona Marathon 4
Avenue of the Giants Marathon 3
Big Sur International Marathon 2
Humbolt Redwoods Marathon 2
Okalahoma Marathon
Boston Marathon
Maui Marathon
Indianapolis Marathon
Valley of the Sun Marathon
Greater Hartford Marathon
Akron Marathon
Silver State Marathon
Portland Marathon
Sacramento Marathon
Chicago Marathon
Las Vegas International Marathon
St Louis Marathon
Los Angeles Marathon
St. George Marathon
Mt. Rushmore Marathon
San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon

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Anonymous said...

Till today I thought I was cool having done 12 marathons.
Keep it up. I'm inspired.