Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Readers Questions

The Koko Crater trail with all the steps had some excitement. Someone got stabbed at the top by some crazed guy on Ice. All I know is what I heard on the news. No, but thanks for asking, it wasn't me that was stabbed.

I also got some fun emails about the Super bowl. Guess quite a few of the crowd I hang with noticed that after James Harrison ran back a very impressive interception a record breaking 100 yards he sat down on the bench and was given Oxygen. Yeah, he is an exceptional ball player and probably is quite strong but obviously not very fit. All my friends wanted to mention stuff they do that is way tougher, longer, faster and . . . and wondered why he gets the big bucks? Come on guys, work with me on this website and maybe we'll that famous soon and make the big bucks too.

The new video has generated some interesting comments. What the hell are you doing with that rock? was one of them. Well, I swim with it. It weighs 40lbs and I put it on my stomach and kick as hard as I can just to stay on the surface. Getting air is not easy but the alternative keeps me motivated. Got as far as 2000 meters. Something to keep me busy when I'm not surfing big waves.

The running on the lava rocks got some comments too. No, those shots were not faked. But if you haven't seen it, take a look. Its the "New You Tube Video" on the right.

Are you going to do the Molokai Paddleboard Race this summer? Yes.

I've been getting a few requests for some bodysurfing photos. They are on the way.

And finally a few fans of this website saw me at KCC and wondered what was up? I'm an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and every few years I have to re-certify and take a few classes. I've there brushing up on my skills.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, just wanted to chime in on the Super Bowl play by Harrsion. Unfortunately I was for Arizona and that play just killed me. But regarding that long run back, that came at the end of the half, in fact the last damn play!, so Harrison was probably pretty spent before he actually killed the Cards on that run back. I'm a big NFL fan but only played up to the JV level in High School, but I do remember all the crazy drills they ran you through, and there was quite a mix of strength, speed and change of direction that all eventually added up to aerobic. So the O2 was probably a result of doing an all out sprint after being pretty worn out after sumo wrestling with the 320lb tackles and guard getting in his face.
frankly, I needed oxygen just watching that damn play.
to your point though, those bigger NFL players are famous for playing over their ideal body weight and struggle to stay in shape and for lineman and LB's endurance is one of the main concerns.
Football is such an emotional game too, that the sheer excitement of scoring probably made him hyperventilate, ...
great topic