Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Lung Association in Hawaii

I am thrilled to be doing my next adventure to raise funds for the
American Lung Association in Hawaii. It is Hawaii's oldest voluntary health organization and a gold standard as far as such organizations go. You can trust that all monies donated will be put to wise and honest use. So please donate.

ALA in Hawaii has had a rough year with donations down because of the economy and the state appropriating some of their funding to balance the budget. I have personal experience with lung disease - both my aunt and father-in-law died of lung cancer. I had bronchitis as a child and spent time in a hospital oxygen tent on several occasions. A healthy diet, lots of exercise and some good education (the kind the American Lung Association in Hawaii provides) is what has helped me stay and keep healthy. And I don't smoke.

I usually don't talk too much about my days as a life guard but here's a story that ALA in Hawaii should retell often. Middle of the day today: a friend and fellow guard was just going on his lunch break when he noticed the bikini clad girl of his dreams sit down next to the tower. The rest of us had to admit, yes, she was beautiful so we encouraged him to go talk to her. Well, there was some stalling while he thought of what he should say and while he listened to our advice. Then the time came and he, emboldened, confidently strode down the steps to meet his dream girl. Halfway down he stopped dead in his tracks and turned back. When we all saw why, we went on with our day never giving her a second glance. Yeah, she pulled out a cigarette and started smoking - a catastrophic deal-ending bad habit. Poor guy... so bummed but you have to love his standards.

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Anonymous said...

I smoked in high school and quit because this girl I had a serious bad crush on didn't like it. She still wouldn't go out with me but twenty years later I'm still thanking her. I'll make a donation in her name.