Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Brand New Shoes

Quinn just sent me the link to his family video of his latest swim. Just a few miles in Kailua Bay this time but first place overall in the race. Amazing what a wife and kids at the finish line can inspire you to do. Congratulations Quinn. Be prepared for more island hopping swims in the near future from this guy.
Everyone wants to know what I'm doing to train for my race with the sun. I run a lot on the beach. I go on some killer hikes (a five hour hike this past Monday with no breaks- check out the new shoes.) I paddle a lot (sprints and distance) and I rest and eat well. Rest is an overlooked part of training and fitness. Can't improve your level of fitness without it. I was training more and resting less a month ago but this last month I don't work out more than four days a week. Yeah, there are some intense workouts in those four days but I get the rest I need in between. Except when there is good surf - then I tend not to rest so much.
Surfing is so important to my over all mental/psychological/spiritual/emotional health that I dare not miss it when the opportunity arises.
Check back tomorrow (Thursday night) for the best explanation I can give for the most frequently asked question I get - WHY?
And please don't forget that one of the whys is to raise money for the American Lung Association in Hawaii. Please donate.


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