Thursday, May 21, 2009


The most frequently asked question I get is Why are you doing this? The very first post I ever wrote I explained in detail how frustrated I was that so many of those who were leading the health and fitness debate were neither healthy or fit. I wanted healthy fit people to lead the debate. Yeah, even among those who are healthy and fit there is some room to disagree but those are the ones who have earned the right to talk about this stuff.
So one reason I'm doing this race with the sun is for the credentials. It qualifies me to join the real health and fitness debate.
The next reason is adventure. I could do a triathlon or a marathon but there is no adventure there. With my race with the sun I get all the excitement of never having done this before. Some of the trails on the route over the mountains I've never been on and am deliberately staying away from. Have I ever ran and hiked for six hours and then paddled for six hours? No. Ran/hiked from town to Kailua? No. I love the adventure.
Recently helping the American Lung Association in Hawaii has become very important. I have an immense amount of respect for this group who, with real integrity, has educated and advocated for a healthy lifestyle in a smoke free environment for many especially focusing on teens here in the islands. These programs to help keep teens from smoking are in danger of being cut completely because of a lack of funds. So please help. A donation of $20 dollars would help and I'll do a cartwheel on the trek from town to Kailua for anyone who donates $50 or more.


Anonymous said...

I've heard lots of other reasons why but I guess you have to drink some beer to tell.

Anonymous said...

We very much appreciate your efforts. Thank you!
The Staff of American Lung Association in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

The South Shore is going to reward you the rest of the week.
Good Luck on the Trek!