Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Race with the Sun - part one (Magic Island to the Pali Lookout)

As Beth-Ann and I drove into the Magic Island parking lot a bright full moon was setting. So much do I love moonlight, starlight and wind in the trees at night that it created a deep sense of calm in me. Just the right way to start this day.

David Cornwell was waiting in the parking lot with several cameras around his neck. I was so glad to have a professional photographer along on this one. The three of us walked out to the outside Diamond head corner of Magic Island and I started to stretch while David and Beth-Ann took pictures.

I announced at 5:49 that the Sun had just started and I was going to too. David wanted to get some good shots of the start and would I please run by - slowly. And again, and again . . .I was making some jokes about how the sun wasn't stopping to get any photos but I was so happy to have David here doing this and no one took any of my complaints seriously.

Then I ran across the park to Ala Moana Mall. And Waited. Paced actually. Beth-Ann and David arrived five minutes later and we had another photo shoot.

Then I ran out of the Mall and went up Ke'eaumoku, turned left at Beretania where, you guessed it, we had another photo shoot in front of the Academy of Arts and the park across the street. A few homeless asked if I had a smoke. "NO!"

I turned right on Ward and then walked up the hill to Prospect. It was now quite hot and humid and I was reminded to drink lots of water. I ran again at Prospect and eventually turned up the Pali where it got cooler, windier and even a bit misty.

It has probably been five months since I drove the Pali and I never ran or walked it so I just had the map in my head. I felt good, the conditions were right and I just kept running with a few minute walks thrown in every now and then.

Yeah, we had several photo shoots. The Nu'uanu Valley is dramatically beautiful. The run up was uneventful with the most excitement coming when Beth-Ann stepped in some dog crap while taking some photos. She was not happy.

I was surprised to see the "Pali Lookout" sign two hours out from Magic Island.

Photos from Part one.

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