Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racewith the Sun - part two (Pali Lookout to Kailua Beach Park)

I was feeling good when I got to the top of the Pali. I wasn't tired at all and was content for a few moments to take in one of the most spectacular views on the island. But just a few minutes. The Sun was still racing ahead and I wanted to win this race both for my own personal reasons and because I knew the American Lung Association in Hawaii would get lots more publicity and donations if I pulled this off.
For the previous week I was a bit worried about how to get down to the Pali Golf Course from the Old Pali Road but friend and fellow lifeguard Koa Liu volunteered to meet me on the Old Pali and hike with me to show me the way.
He hiked up from the golf course and met me a few hundred yards from the lookout at the top. Thank you Koa. I really was anxious about this part because there are several unmarked splits in the trail which Koa knew well. Got down fast and still feeling good. Koa had his car parked at the golf course and a busy day ahead so we parted at the bottom of the mountain and I kept running through Kailua. Uneventful.
Support car crew went to breakfast after I told them they had plenty of time and I arrived at Kailua Beach Park after walking most of the last mile. I could have done it a lot faster but I wanted to arrive with whatever energy I could for the paddle.
I didn't care if I could do this hours before sunset I just wanted to be certain to do it before sunset.
Even with the very slow last mile I arrived before the support crew and was able to get some good shots of them coming in to the parking lot near the boat ramp.

Some photos

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