Sunday, January 31, 2010

Selen -Week 1

A few posts back Selen agreed to have me as her personal trainer/coach and post her progress.

Selen, here's the schedule for this first week.

I'm going to have you work out on a four week cycle. I really need you to start easy. Each week will get more difficult and the fourth week in every cycle is an easy or active rest week. Your sucess will depend on how well you follow this schedule. I'll always put an EASY, MEDIUM or HARD after every workout. That is the intensity I want you to work at. Basically its a measure of how hard your heart is working. As soon as you can, get that heart rate monitor and learn about target heart rate zones.

1/31 - 2/6 (cycle 1, week 1)

Sunday - Kiteboard, surf or just play outside - not too hard yet. A one hour easy walk is also good here. EASY to MEDIUM

Monday - As we discussed this is your off day. No workouts.

Tuesday- 1/2 hour swim and 10 min of calisthenics ( I'll be there to show you exactly which ones to do) MEDIUM

Wednesday - 1/2 hour walk on soft sand (or any walk at a medium pace if you can't get to the beach) MEDIUM

Thursday - 1/2 hour swim and 10 minutes of calisthenics. MEDIUM

Friday - 15 minute weight workout. I have some 5lb dumbbells for you and will show you the exercises I want you to do to strengthen you hands, wrists and arms. EASY

Saturday - 15 minutes of back and ab exercises. Go easy at first. I'll show you exactly how to do them but start by studying these back and ab exercises. EASY

The workouts will get more difficult and interesting as the weeks go by. Push through feeling tired, push through feeling bored, push through being out of breath, STOP if you feel pain. Follow the schedule!!!

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