Monday, February 8, 2010

Selen Week 2

2/7/ - 2/13 (Cycle 1, Week 2)

Sunday - Kiteboard, surf or just play outside - not too hard yet. A one hour easy walk is also good here. EASY to MEDIUM

Monday - Rest day, no workouts.

Tuesday - 1/2 hour swim and 15 min of calisthenics ( I'll be there to show you exactly which ones to do) MEDIUM

Wednesday - 1 hour walk on soft sand (or any walk at a medium pace if you can't get to the beach) MEDIUM nonstop

Thursday - 1/2 hour swim and 15 minutes of calisthenics. MEDIUM

Friday - 15 minute weight workout. I have some 5lb dumbbells for you and will show you the exercises I want you to do to strengthen you hands, wrists and arms. EASY plus 1/2 hour walk.

Saturday - 15 minutes of back and ab exercises. Go easy at first. I'll show you exactly how to do them but start by studying these back and ab exercises. EASY

Selen, remember you are supposed to write how the weeks workouts went (and explain any missed workouts) and post your comments here.
Be prepared, third week you start a journal of what you eat.