Sunday, February 28, 2010

our 1st month!

Jeff and I just finished a 4-week work-out program and I can already see a huge difference in my body and mood! I lost 4Ibs and the sluggishness that can take over me sometimes is gone. If I hadn’t eaten those brownies, I could weigh even less right now but hey, this is only the beginning! Thanks to the power of exercise, I feel like I lost even more weight- because I am a lot more energetic!

My joint problems of course still exist- after all they have been around for years and it will take more than just a month to heal them. I admit that I did a slightly bad job of keeping to the weight-lifting schedule that also included easy exercises for my wrists, so for next month I will make sure I won’t skip them. The calisthenics exercises were fine for my wrists for the most part, but I had a hard time sometimes and even had to omit one because of the pain. I like them a lot, though, because you use your own body weight and you don’t need machines to exercise. It lets your body turn to a free gym with no monthly fees!

My knees were fine in general. They hurt sometimes when I walked for 2 hours, which tells me they are still weak! Being overweight certainly wears your knee joints out. I remember times when I couldn’t kneel down to pick something up from the ground without going “oouuuch”! So, BEFORE you start freaking about your looks, you should get concerned about those knees and your health in general if you gained some evil pounds!

The part that I liked most was that all exercises could be done outside and some simply HAD to be done outside, such as walking on soft sand and swimming! Being a former competitive swimmer, I was happy to get back to it! I am a beach bum so I'd rather walk barefoot on sand than on a thread-mill watching a TV!There were days I couldn’t make it to the beach, however, so  I walked in the Manoa Valley for 2 hours instead. I took my camera with me which made my walk all the more fun!

Before I had Jeff as my personal trainer, I tended to skip exercising, get lazy (or give in to tiredness) and I wasn’t as motivated. Having someone to guide you and care about you feels excellent! He knows my body’s weak points and he doesn’t push hard like many other trainers might assuming that if you push hard, you will get better! It doesn’t work that way. It’s all about listening to your body, and in our case, we get to listen to the sounds of nature, as well. I can’t wait for more…

P.S: We will be posting updates each week from now on! Stay tuned and dont forget to follow my own blog as well!

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