Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hour Long Radio Interview with Penny and Chris Palfrey

Penny and Chris Palfrey to guest on Hawaii Public Radio's Town Square, Thursday, April 29

Penny and Chis Palfrey are helping to redefine our concept of middle age. He is over 50, she is over 40 and both are Australian long distance open water swimmers in Honolulu following their respective swims this past weekend. He swam from  Molokai to Oahu; she attempted the treacherous island-to-island swim from Oahu to Kauai.

Join Beth-Ann Kozlovich, this Thursday, April 29, 5-6 PM HST on KIPO 89.3 FM with live stream at Hawaii Public Radio. Call  941-3689 on Oahu or 877-941-3689 from the Neighbor Islands and the Mainland to be part of the conversation.  Or hear the podcast later on the Town Square archive.


Anonymous said...

very engaging talk with the Palfreys.

Anonymous said...

Just did a test comment and it went through, so here's the rest,...
Really wonderful couple hearing them talk so personally and comfortably, being interviewed by Beth-Ann Kozlovich. I work with Jeff and Bill Goding and for me, a terminally lazy person, I find just being around people that enjoy venturing out on long swims of paddles, without any fanfare, just for the sake of enjoyment and to feel good emotionally, for me, is the primary inspiration. Where I get into trouble is that it is time consuming and to hear the Palfreys talk about those early morning workouts, that's what separates the true lovers of the sport as the top tier athletes. the LOVE it. damn them. I love watching TV just as much so, boom, there goes a few hours of the day already! Anyway, congratulations to Penny in particular for her gallant effort.
I once had to turn back from Kauai back as a Junior in High School,....and that was on a 40 foot Ketch!
so I really applaud that kind of courage and dedication it took, first to just train that hard and second to try to fight through that swarm on Man of War!
and night coming on.
really incredible adventure.
something to very proud of, thanx for the great interview.