Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thank You

I want to thank some of the people involved in all the adventure of the last week.
 Bill Goding, if not for you I would have heard about these swims too late to get involved.  Penny was well looked after with you on the support team and I'm very comfortable with you watching my back too. We also have the same inner clock settings for both coffee and beer time. It was good traveling with you. Keep me posted on any other such swims.
The weatherguy.com Rick Shema was a great help and  gave Penny and Chris some peace of mind about the dates for the swims. He offers experienced weather forecasting for all sorts of adventures and events, gave Katie Spotz weather help while she rowed across the Atlantic and is currently working with Roz Savage on her Row across the Pacific.Rick knows more about the weather than you do and if that matters, check out his website.
Captain Don and his very able partner Calvin were a perfect choice and did all they were asked to do and more. Both these guys were exceptional at handling the boat so close to Penny while she was swimming in some rough conditions. Don even told me where he hides the keys to his truck and told me if I were ever in Kauai without wheels I could use the boat hauling beast that gets about 4mpg to tour the island. A rental car might be cheaper but thanks for the offer, Don. If you need a boat and captain for sport fishing or any other adventure, get in touch with Captain Don.
My sister Debbie and her daughter Shannon were my on shore, online support for the website, Twitter and Facebook. Thousands of people followed Penny's adventure while it was happening only because them. And thank you Shannon for all the work you did on my website.
Quinn Carver is a swimmer to watch in the coming years and because of him and his updates on my blog, thousands of people were able to follow the excitement of Chris Palfrey's swim. Thanks Quinn and I look forward to our coming adventures.
Steve Munatones has a  blog, The Daily News of Open Water Swimming and a website, The World Open Water Swimming Association and covered Penny and Chris's swims professionally, accurately and promptly. If you want to know anything about whats happening in the open water swimming community, his sites are the place to go.
From the first call I got from Mike Gordon of the Honolulu Advertiser, I could tell he was into this way more than just as an assignment.Yes he did a thorough and accurate job, he talked to everyone on Penny's team and got all the details right but just as important he captured the spirit of the whole adventure, something too few reporters do. Only one minor criticism, Mike, she didn't wade into the Pacific, she tumbled.
I think everyone agrees that Forrest Nelson, an accomplished open water swimmer himself, was the foundation of the team. He is wise, friendly, patient, calm and very organized. He was given the  responsibility of telling Penny to get in the boat. That last hour was heartbreaking with him encouraging her to swim through the pain until he knew she couldn't. You did the right thing Forrest. and a damn good job all around.
Thank you Penny and Chris for the adventure and the inspiration. I look forward to our next adventure together.

I'm still not done with this, I have a post in the works about my personal impressions from on the board and on the boat. Check back soon. Also in a couple of days I'll explain about my next adventure.


Anonymous said...

can I interview you?

Koz said...

Only if I can edit the interview.

WildnJoyful said...

What a wonderful tribute to all involved. Sure was exciting!

Anonymous said...

I'll get working on the questions.