Thursday, May 6, 2010

Questions About My 2817 Mile Challenge

I've been getting lots of questions about my 2817 mile challenge.

If you didn't read my original post describing what I'm up to and why, please read it here.
Basically I was inspired by a  young lady who ROWED across the Atlantic Ocean. Because of family and career responsibilities I can't row the Atlantic or any other ocean.  Katie Spotz rowed an amazing 2817 miles and did it to raise awareness and funds (over $80,000) for Blue Planet Run, an organization dedicated to bringing clean safe drinking water to those around the world who do not have it.
I'm going to stay at home here in Hawaii and go on 2817 miles of adventures (before April of 2011) to raise money for the same cause. My current goal is to raise $25,000.

What kind of Adventures count toward your total?
I'm not just going to count every mile I move over the coming year so I came up with a list of "adventure guidelines" :
Paddleboard, kayak or OC1 - 10 mile minimum to be counted
Swimming - 3 mile open ocean to count
Running or hiking - 8 miles to count
biking - 20 miles in a day to count
Sailing canoe or Sport catamaran - 20 miles to count.
Nothing in a car or plane counts. Physical endurance adventures only.All adventures will reflect my respect and love for these beautiful islands.I'll be taking lots of pictures and video.

Some Adventures will be near the minimum as I do have a family, job and a business to attend to. Some will be island to island paddles and some adventures all the way around Oahu. Scroll back on this blog to get some ideas of my past adventures

Why Blue Planet Run as a cause?
I did my homework. Blue Planet Run has an impeccable international reputation for using funds donated honestly and wisely. They have only a few managers and lots of workers in the field. The projects are openly explained and peer reviewed. They got their name from the way they started off raising money, with an around the world run. And now many hundreds of thousands have clean drinking water who otherwise wouldn't. I want to help, too and it feels great to be part of this team.

Are you doing this alone?
Sometimes yes and sometimes I'm going with friends. One of the runners who was lucky enough to be on the Around the World Relay who will be doing a run/paddle relay around the island with me. Other friends too will be joining me from time to time. If YOU want to join in the fun just email me at and we'll set something up.

Any other incentives for people to donate?
For every $150 someone donates I'll give an hour of my Fitness Training Services to that person or someone they choose to give it too. Get fit and spare a child from having to drink out of the sewage pond.

How do we track your progress?
By the end of this week I'll have totals on my website and blog and all of the longer adventures will be tracked  real time (updates about once an hour ) on the blog.You can also follow me on Twitter at kozhawaii

What's next?
In June I'm going to have another Race with the Sum. I'm going to start at Magic Island at exactly sunrise and bike to Eva, turn up the west side and ride to the end of the road, run the bike around the Ka'ena Point trail, bike across the North Shore, down the east side to the Makai Pier across from Sea Life Park where I'll have my paddleboard waiting to paddle back to Magic Island before the sun sets. Can I do it? It's a hundred mile bike and 25 mile paddle adventure and it will be exciting and close and I need you to do your part and donate at least $30 to Blue Planet Run. My blog will have updates every half hour on that one. Check back often. On both my blog and website you'll see a big blue square that says Team Blue - Blue Planet Run. Please donate.

I'm calling this the "2817 mile adventure for water". I'm not sure I like that. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

If you want to comment, make a suggestion or ask questions the best way is to click on the comments link at the end of this post. I do read and respond to all questions.


Anonymous said...

I think you're going a bit too far with all those guidelines. Your shorter workouts count for a lot of miles and I think you'll need them.
Good luck, I'll be donating and cheering you on.
Donna K

Anonymous said...

2817 miles of insanity

Rebecca Snow said...

I will pass on the information to my friends that are working on Contract here with the Navy. They are civilians and will only be here a year but all very thankful for the joy of living in Hawaii.
thank you for posting a comment on my blog.
Rebecca Snow

Koz said...

Thanks Rebecca, nice paintings and passing the word around is very much appreciated.